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How is a person's worth defined during a wrongful death case?

Have you lost a loved one who was still a baby? Maybe you lost an elderly parent to mistreatment at a local nursing facility in Florida. Whatever happened, you have rights as a family member of those people.

Wrongful death cases can be very difficult for family members, especially when they involve children, elderly mothers and fathers or caregivers. After a person passes away, the value of that person's life has to be valued in order to receive payment, which can be a trying and difficult process for families to deal with.

Florida car accidents: You have options to pursue

If you've been in a car or truck accident in Florida, then you need to seek the compensation you need to pay medical bills, repair your damaged vehicle and to cover the time you have lost off work. If you're now disabled, you may want to collect money that can be used to add handicap-friendly ramps or other items to your home.

With some help, you can get the compensation you need after a crash. If you have permanent or significant injuries, you can file a case. Your lawsuit may point out negligence of a driver, the corporation the driver was working for or even point out the deadly habits of a drunken driver who was given back his license after revocation.

What are some statistics about motorcyclists in the U.S.?

As a motorcyclist in Florida, you are at risk every time you drive on the roadways. Other drivers may not always see you, your motorcycle or perceive you as being as close to them as you are. Because of your lack of protection in a crash, you're more likely to be seriously injured or even killed.

You have a number of freedoms as a motorcyclist; you don't have as much metal around you, allowing your vehicle to weigh less and be more easily maneuvered. You can feel the wind on you, and you're much closer to the elements, This may make you enjoy your ride, but it does put you at risk. Unfortunately, not having the protection cars provide can lead to serious problems.

Motorcycle insurance in Florida: What's the law?

As a motorcyclist in Florida, you know what you need to do to be safe on the road, but are you certain you're covered by insurance if someone hits you in an accident and doesn't have insurance? What about if you're involved in a hit-and-run accident? There are several different kinds of auto insurance in Florida, and Florida motorcycle insurance differs by law. You need to carry motorcycle insurance, just like other motorcyclists do.

If you're in an accident with another motorcyclist who doesn't have insurance, he or she can be penalized for not having insurance. One may have a motorcycle license and other licenses suspended, have one's motorcycle registration suspended, or have to pay fees to regain legal driving privileges. On top of that, you could potentially sue him or her for compensation, since the party would have no insurance to cover your accident.

The main causes of trucking accidents in Florida

There are many reasons truck accidents take place in Florida, but a few stand out from the rest. Commercial truck drivers may cause accidents by not being trained well enough in their driving techniques or not being knowledgeable about safety concerns. Commercial drivers should be driving defensively, and passive driving may result in crashes.

Because of the way truck drivers are paid, they sometimes earn more if they work faster. That encourages drivers to go without food or sleep, leaving them in a position to cause accidents due to fatigue. Additionally, they may drive at speeds higher than recommended, and that can lead to the truck rolling over or colliding with traffic when it can't be stopped soon enough. Drivers may also be subject to unrealistic scheduling and expectations by their employers. That can cause a number of problems, because stressed and tired drivers may make mistakes on the road.

Wrongful deaths in Florida: Your right to compensation

As a person who has faced a spinal cord or brain injury or lost a loved one to an accident, it's important that you regain as much of your health as possible and are able to deal with the death of your loved one. You may not be able to work, could be suffering from pain that isn't easy to relieve or you could be stuck in a hospital and working through months of recuperation. On top of that, your loved one, a passenger or driver of the vehicle you were in, has now passed away.

As an injured victim, there are a range of symptoms you could have been left with. You could be struggling with paralysis, paraplegia or quadriplegia. Those injuries could result in you needing ongoing occupational and physical therapy to keep your muscles strong and to attempt to heal the damage. You could face trouble with your memory, anxiety, depression or other mental illnesses from trauma. Cognitive difficulties are also a possibility; you may not be able to read, write or concentrate the way you used to, and that can be frustrating when you want to work or participate in normal daily activities.

What are some motorcycle injury statistics in Florida?

As a motorcyclist, it's important to know the driving statistics in your area. If it's incredibly dangerous to drive your motorcycle in your area, then you may be able to make better decisions about your routes or even the time of day you head out on the road.

In Florida, the number of motorcycle fatalities and injuries reportedly grew so much between 2000 and 2008 that they had nearly doubled. Between 2008 and 2011, there was a 10.4 percent reduction in the number of crashes, though. The decrease in injuries has been somewhat attributed to the Florida-based Motorcycle Safety Coalition's new ride training requirements.

Car accidents: On the rise and growing in expense

Did you know that the number of fatal car crashes in the urban areas of Florida has been on the rise? As a driver or person who has suffered an injury in a wreck, this is sad news. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has said that the number of fatal crashes rose from 1,607 in 2004 to 1,750 in 2009. That means that every year, there are thousands of people being hurt and killed due to negligence and careless driving.

Getting into a car accident can place an immense financial burden on your family. You may not be able to work, and your vehicle could be badly damaged, making it harder for you to get around. Adding on medical bills and funeral costs in the case of a wrongful death can be devastating to a family, too. Of course, there are ways to recoup those costs. While money won't bring your family member back or return you to good health, it can help ease the stress of the situation while you recover.

Florida crash results in the injury of 2, death of 1

Imagine being stuck in traffic, knowing that a semi was coming at you and not stopping. Your crash could be the cause of serious injuries, if not fatal wounds. That's what has happened in this case in Florida.

One person was recently killed in a crash involving a semi-truck close to Ellington, Florida. The crash involved multiple vehicles, and several people were injured. The crash happened on Interstate 71, reports state.

Veterans Affairs doctors must report medical malpractice

Recently, a news report stated that the Department of Veterans Affairs doctors had been reminded that if they don't report medical malpractice, they could face losing their licenses. Supposedly, many doctors have been under the impression that they don't have to report medical malpractice, since the VA covers them in most situations.

That's not really true anymore. In fact, the VA may cover things like the doctor's liability, but malpractice or a reduced standard of care could still lead to a doctor losing his license. For instance, if a doctor doesn't report a malpractice case that another VA doctor took park in, both doctors, once the situation is realized, could face losing their licenses.

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