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Miami Personal Injury Law Blog

What are some motorcycle injury statistics in Florida?

As a motorcyclist, it's important to know the driving statistics in your area. If it's incredibly dangerous to drive your motorcycle in your area, then you may be able to make better decisions about your routes or even the time of day you head out on the road.

In Florida, the number of motorcycle fatalities and injuries reportedly grew so much between 2000 and 2008 that they had nearly doubled. Between 2008 and 2011, there was a 10.4 percent reduction in the number of crashes, though. The decrease in injuries has been somewhat attributed to the Florida-based Motorcycle Safety Coalition's new ride training requirements.

Car accidents: On the rise and growing in expense

Did you know that the number of fatal car crashes in the urban areas of Florida has been on the rise? As a driver or person who has suffered an injury in a wreck, this is sad news. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has said that the number of fatal crashes rose from 1,607 in 2004 to 1,750 in 2009. That means that every year, there are thousands of people being hurt and killed due to negligence and careless driving.

Getting into a car accident can place an immense financial burden on your family. You may not be able to work, and your vehicle could be badly damaged, making it harder for you to get around. Adding on medical bills and funeral costs in the case of a wrongful death can be devastating to a family, too. Of course, there are ways to recoup those costs. While money won't bring your family member back or return you to good health, it can help ease the stress of the situation while you recover.

Florida crash results in the injury of 2, death of 1

Imagine being stuck in traffic, knowing that a semi was coming at you and not stopping. Your crash could be the cause of serious injuries, if not fatal wounds. That's what has happened in this case in Florida.

One person was recently killed in a crash involving a semi-truck close to Ellington, Florida. The crash involved multiple vehicles, and several people were injured. The crash happened on Interstate 71, reports state.

Veterans Affairs doctors must report medical malpractice

Recently, a news report stated that the Department of Veterans Affairs doctors had been reminded that if they don't report medical malpractice, they could face losing their licenses. Supposedly, many doctors have been under the impression that they don't have to report medical malpractice, since the VA covers them in most situations.

That's not really true anymore. In fact, the VA may cover things like the doctor's liability, but malpractice or a reduced standard of care could still lead to a doctor losing his license. For instance, if a doctor doesn't report a malpractice case that another VA doctor took park in, both doctors, once the situation is realized, could face losing their licenses.

Marijuana a cause of car accidents? It's a debate in Florida

There has been an ongoing debate about the legalization of marijuana and the potential for drugged driving. Now, Florida has gotten into the argument with a group called, "Don't Let Florida Go To Pot." The coalition is a group of over 40 organizations that are fighting against the medical marijuana amendment, because it claims that the drug could be implicated in up to a fourth of all fatal car accidents.

Under the group's statistics listing, they claim that 25 percent of all drug-related fatal vehicular accidents in the United States involve marijuana. That statistic comes from the October 2011 White House Office of National Drug Control Policy report. That report was used to measure the positive result for marijuana in drivers who had been involved in fatal crashes between 2005 and 2009 and then tested for drug use.

Florida motorcyclist killed by wrong-way driver

Because of the almost certain accident that awaits those who travel the wrong way on Florida roads, one woman has chosen to start an online petition to the governor for a better way to prevent such actions. Suggestions have included spikes or bigger, more visible signs.

The woman who started the petition said that a 42-year-old man killed in a motorcycle accident caused by a wrong-way driver on Interstate 95 South was her best friend. The horrifying impact of the accident threw the victim's body through the wrong-way driver's windshield and into the back seat. It was there that the man died from catastrophic injuries.

Medical mistakes lead to third-most deaths in Florida, elsewhere

Back in 2009, a pilot was said to be a hero when he landed his plane on the Hudson River, saving hundreds of lives. That pilot has now been speaking out again, focusing on safety in other areas, and he is using the idea of air travel to do it.

Basically, the premise that he suggested was that people needed to think about what types of things would happen if 20 passenger jets started going down each week, killing those on board. He said that the government would quickly step in and shut everything down. Planes would have to stay on the ground and no one would be able to fly. He suggested that air travel would grind to a halt until the issues that were bringing the planes down were fixed.

Car accidents injure 4 on US 19 in Florida

Four people were hurt in a serious accident on US 19 in Florida, a July 23 report states. This crash, like so many others, appears to be caused by mechanical failure, as a trailer separated from a white Ford pickup and went airborne. The trailer then crashed, causing mayhem.

The accident took place on July 22 during rush hour, which is probably the reason so many vehicles became involved. The count, at last update, was 10 vehicles. One driver reported that her minivan was struck by the trailer directly, but others had to swerve to avoid being hit, and that caused other accidents.

Crash in Miami-Dade leaves 1 dead, 3 injured

A crash in Miami-Dade left one person dead and three others injured, according to a report from July 13. An elderly woman passed away from her injuries, while several others had to be treated for injuries following the car accident. This crash happened when one driver failed to stop at a red light.

Failing to stop is sometimes construed as negligence, and if you've been hurt by someone who wasn't paying attention, you deserve to be compensated for your pain and suffering as well as ongoing medical needs or costs associated with missing work. If someone you love was killed in the accident, you could be able to collect compensation to cover their medical bills and funeral costs as well.

Man charged with murdering a grandmother in car accident

A man who allegedly used his car as a weapon to kill a woman has been denied bail in a neighboring state. According to police, the 23-year-old man purposefully ran a woman over after he got into a car accident with her. Witnesses say the 53-year-old woman had exited her vehicle to survey the damage when the man purposefully drove into her and then ran over the top of her when he tried to escape the accident scene. Accidents involving senseless acts of violence like this are rare in Florida, but when they occur, authorities will hold responsible parties criminally accountable for their actions.

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